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Great when it works...

I’ve been using this app for almost a year. I have no changed my settings in that time - back up ever 12 hours or when idle for 10 minutes. While the idle part never really seemed to work properly, the every 12 hours was pretty clockwork. In recent months, however, (perhaps with the latest version) it will often go 2-3 days between backups, unless I manually tell it to do so, and even then it won’t always start. Even a restart of the app doesn’t always prompt it to work properly. I purchased this app so I wouldn’t have hourly backups flooding my drive, but also wouldn’t have to think about making sure it was actively backing up either.

Automatically at logon don’t work

if you check option « start Automatically at logon » , don’t work. you have to start manual

Excellent Product

This works like clockwork. The perfect antidote to constant Time Machine backups.


Very nice app doing good job.


Die App erledigt problemlos, was man von ihr will.


Scheduled backups? Who woulda thunk it! For anyone that doesn’t want Apple’s uncontollable Time Machine to bog down their daily work, this essential application is well worth the price.

Doesnt work

In spite of the instructions and having reset the program several times it does not launch the Time Capsule backup using the schedule in the program. If I could give it a negative number I would.

Saves so many slowdowns

by scheduling my backups at the end of the day I don’t suffer the delays of constant hourly backups. My life can survive with one backup per day as my computer slows down dramatically during a backup.

Excellent app

I was looking for an app to run Time Machine back ups on my own schedule. Tried few other options but this one really works. No issues to report.

Unobtrusive way of finally taking control of Time Machine

Time Machine is excellent except you have next to no control around what it does. It backs up hourly and that’s it. This is a completely unobtusive tool. I have other backups going on for security reasons so a backup hourly is overkill. Time Machine Scheduler puts me in control. I’ve set it for once every 8 hours which is plenty. I can always change that but for now this suits me. I feel this is exactly what Time Machine needed. It is excellent and completely unobtrusive. Set and forget it. I check that my backups are happening of ciourse and they are. I’m very happy with the control the product has brought me.

Excellent application

Provides the extra flexibility I required to backup my Mac.

Great App!

This Scheduler is a great front-end. Works in the background according to the schedule that I prefer and set. Would recommend for all those who use TIme Machine.

Life Saver

I have found this App to be a lifesaver. The App that come with the computer has a habit of kicking in to back up at times when I am using a lot of resources and thus it slows everything down. With Scheduler, I set my back up’s to take place in the middle of the night when I have the compuet closed and I am not using it. The only improvement I would like to see is the way it handles multiple Airport Time Capsule’s. It has the ability to split the back up’s between multiple Capsuls and that works well, but I use it on two capsule’s at different locations, for example home and the Cottage. Using it this way it is constantly giving me an error message that it has not backed up for X number of days. i would like it to just accept the fact that there is only one disk at each location and get on with it! Again, this is minor and I love the product.

False sense of security

On one hand, Apple Time Machine is very annoying - essentially useless. Does anybody really need to back everything up every hour!. On the other hand, this Scheduler promises to put us in charge of our back up needs. And, that is what really caught my attention. But, after some installation problems that i eventually powered through, i am still so confused about just what this app actually backs up. In my case, i set the scheduler to back up between 0000 and 0200, but, whne i checked this morning, the only things that were backed up were two word docuemnts that were on my desk top. I checked everywhere i could to try and find help files to show me how to select which files to back up, but, not help to be found. I realise that there is probably some help to be found somwerhe out there, but, if i can’t find the help i need, then, this app is useless to me. So, while this app might work for some, more experienced power users perhaps, this app may not be well suited for everyone, certainly not well suited for me. Sadly, it’s back to the archaic Time Machine for me.

Small issue on Yosemite

Upgraded OS to Yosemite and automator script that runs with this app makes the gear flash in the menu bar. It goes on for half a second and goes off every few seconds… This must be changed. Other then that works as intended.

Essenttial add on for Time Machine

By using Backup Scheduler to schedule my backups after 6pm, my 2010 MacBook Pro performance is improved considerably during the day when I use it for work.

As time machine, it fails

Does not work with WD My Book for Mac as a Time Machine scheduler.

works nice and quietly

As you want with enough control to please.

Doesn’t seem to be working.

I can’t get this to run. My Late 2009 iMac does not support Power Nap, so I set the wake times on 15 minutes either side of the backup time I requested in the Backup Scheduler for Time Machine app. Like the user below, I am also using a Western Digital external harddrive for my backups. I am running the latest Yosemite. Hopefully there is a fix after I paid for the app.

More Control but less convenience for old Mac

I appreciate the control to have backups when not busy with other tasks, but my mid-2010 MacBook does not allow the machine to awake for night time backups so I have to remember to manually back up. For newer models with the awakening feature, the benefits would be greater.

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